EU VAT Policy

To our customers located in Europe, please note that there will be a value added tax for any orders. We do not charge this to your order, it comes as a separate bill in the mail after your post office values your items.  Please note that Akade Wear is not responsible for paying these fees. You will be responsible. Taxes could range from 17% - 27% + an additional handling fee depending on your location in Europe. Handling fee amounts value and cannot be determined, but average around $17.00.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and know how much of a pain this is. Please read HERE and HERE for more information.


EU Tax Rates

 Austria 20%

 Belgium 21%

 Bulgaria 20%

 Cyprus 19%

 Akrotiri and Dhekelia 19%

 Czech Republic 21%

 Croatia 25%

 Denmark 25%

 Estonia 20%

 Finland 24%

 France 20%

 Monaco 20% 

 Germany 19%

 Greece 24%

 Hungary 27%

 Ireland 23%

Italy 22%

 Latvia 21%

 Lithuania 21%

 Luxembourg 17%

 Malta 18%

 Netherlands 21%

 Poland 23%

 Portugal 23%

 Azores 22%

 Madeira 22%

 Romania 20%

 Slovakia 20%

 Slovenia 22%

 Spain 21%

 Sweden 25%

 United Kingdom 20%

 Isle of Man 20%

Last Updated 6/12/2018